Ride the Sun

Music & Lyrics by Nate Weiner
Produced by Nate Weiner
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Mixed by Branden Stroup at Boneshaker Recording Co., Los Feliz, CA
Tracked by Tyler Richie at Studio Rev, Culver City, CA
Assistant Engineer: Chris Allen
"Free Up Your Mind" Guitar Tech: Preston Marshall
Field Records by Nate Weiner
Album Design & Layout by Eugene Goryachev
Album Art by Daria Rud
Chris Allen - Harmonies
Takero Arima - Drums, Percussion
Fren Asken - Electric Guitar
Christian LeMay - Bass, Melodica, Percussion
Fritz Madden - Drums
Anthony Mancini - Electric Guitar
Devin McCartey - Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar
Lincoln Mendell - Organ, Rhodes, Piano
Logan Metz - Banjo, Mandolin, Trumpet
Micah Nelson - Drums, Percussion
Nate Weiner - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Harmonies, Percussion

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Ride the Sun

LA River Bend

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Independently produced & released by Boneshaker Records, Elysian Valley, Los Angeles, CA. All Songs Available for Digital Download.

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  1. 1 Heart of Yours 03:35
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  2. 2 You Were a Child Once 04:41 Free
  3. 3 Gold Fever 03:53
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  4. 4 Stick Around 03:26
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  5. 5 Polynesian Pine 03:51 Free
  6. 6 When I Was an Actor 03:44 Free
  7. 7 California On My Neck 03:29
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  8. 8 Walls Down 04:44
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  9. 9 Fell Over You 03:03 Free
  10. 10 Heaven's Interview 02:44
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  11. 11 Free Up Your Mind 04:34
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  12. 12 All That We Need 03:01
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  13. 13 Love Is Born 04:16
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  14. 14 Through My Window 04:34 Free

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Ride the Sun Lyrics

Fell Over You
Tell me where you’ve been before
A warm beach or a rocky shore
I wanna get close to you
She said as she left the room
Then I heard my heart gun like a freight train
Then my soft soft shoes, fell over you
I know where you’ve been
Across gulf stream of lucky men
Who said we need to read all that
Transcripts of the past
When you kissed my neck, my heart ran like a freight train
And my hands running down your dress, fell over you
And when I drove you home
You asked if you could use my phone
Your number was under a different name
I still can’t call just the same
Cuz I know what I am, a sailor on the Pacific
Who never knows what he’s caught, til it all falls through
Who knows where I’ll go
A warm beach or a rocky shore
I wish I could get close to you
My only thought as I left the room

Heaven’s Interview
I know you’re angry, I said I’m sorry, but you don’t believe me anymore
What’s the use of trying, I need to hold her, or this feeling of wanting someone
In the Catskills the ghosts of hunters wait patiently for heaven’s interview
And the Holy Roman Empire’s walking, searching for brothers lost long ago
Every man that you ever trusted, has left you crying questions to yourself
But I ain’t like them, I swear I’m different, please let me take your shaking hands
Well you know I’m sorry, but you’re still angry, cuz you can’t hear me anymore

Free Up Your Mind
Look at me
And try to believe that I'm for real
Cuz I always have to climb
Footlands and tidelands
Through this gambler's jail
I don't mind, being a fool over you
If that's what it's gonna take
For you to free up your mind
When I can see, your hair frame your face I forget the breeze
Nervous hesitation, is racing through my bones at pinball speed
I don't mind, trippin like a fool over you
If that's what it's gonna take
For you to free up your mind
Well I'll build a cabin in the willows
And I'll fill it with trampolines and pillows
And when our feet are back from the bounce
All ya hear is my love in the ground
My foolish sound
Well I know that sometimes
I give my heart away to the opening bid
But I know this ain't the case
Cuz you're the only one who's drawn a bubble bath in my head
I don't mind, being a fool over you
If that's what it's gonna take
For you to free up your mind

All That We Need

I pumped air in our bikes today
So we could ride the sun to watch it set on the bay
And you could stand so tall
In your self-acclaimed Devendro sandals and all
I want to live
With you always by my side
I'd like to know
If you'd entertain the thought of exposin' your toes
To the salt of the beach
I wanna taste the salt with the sweetness of your teeth
And I wish we could
Be a bird or some flyin', winged-out beast
So let's go to the mall
Just to watch people get excited over things they'll never need
And we could stand so tall
In our binds and ideas knowin' that truly
All that we need
Is each other ridin' side by side
With some land I'd grow an orchard
Nurture up my favorite beans and things
Then light a fire and gather up a feast
And invite all my selves who I'll never get to be
But oh that's alright
Cuz I'll meet them all before I go to sleep tonight

Love Is Born
In the woods, in the deepest blackest part, from within a damp dark heart
I was born, but I never looked back before, not until now
Cuz there is the grief
That travels with you and me
And I need to be set free
Oh I love you my sweet
So give it up, we can’t ride this to the ground, the sound of bone cracks too loud
And I’m gonna miss, kissin’ your hungry lips, but I guess you ain’t starvin’ now
Cuz there is the grief
That travels with you and me
And I need to be set free
Oh I love you my sweet
Oh, look what I did to me
Oh, look what I did to me
Yes I know, stop fuckin’ around
Oh what a heart
Oh what a heart
Forget that now, stop fuckin’ around
In the dark, protectin’ mine, boy ain’t you smart, holdin’ close to your damp blue heart
Love is born, hopefully stronger than before, but who are we to foresee now

Running to His Grave
Sittin' on the frontporch of a two-story home
Wonderin' why you had to go?
Davy Crocket's jungle, this time of year
Reminds me of how we dug up all of our fears
Put me up on your horse again
So I can try to remember when
Pictures were filled with smiles
On our fridges, not locked in files
Well he's runnin' to his gave, from the woman he loves
I was just a little kid, wonderin' where my grandfather was
They used to lock me in the dark
But I made friends with the lambs and the sharks
Oh mama, mama, can't you see?
I'm comin' home with a back full of teeth
Got myself a tiny, shiny bumblebee
Buzz, buzz, buzz in my heart, until I'm free
Cuz I got a world to grasp
And when I fall, I'll be sure to laugh
Well he's runnin' to his grave, from the woman he loves
I was just a little kid, wonderin' where my grandfather was
They used to trap me with no light
Chained to porcelain, away from the fight
Just like a calf taken from his home
Lock me in a cage of my own piss and moan
Then I will walk out fine
As cool as plastic fruit, hangin' from the vine
When I talk towards the floor
You're so small you can't hear me anymore
Well he's runnin' to his grave, from the woman he loves
I was just a little kid, wonderin' where my grandfather was
Where did the typewriter go?
Ten-page stories, fantastic and rolled
Voices never again, to be found
Davy's jungle has burnt to the ground
Why did you leave me so fast?
So quick I had to fill up, the holes in my past
Well I never been to the south
Will you die there, with your heart in your mouth?

Through My Window
All in an instant, light shines through my window
And I'm bothered, by the thoughts of another day
But oh, my heart is breakin', it breaks for her she's so quiet to me
And I don't know what I've done, to make her run
And oh, how did it get so hard, to hear every word, that came from her mouth?
Her temper runs short, but her reach goes long, and even when she's gone, I still see her through my window
And I feel all knocked up, like a hangdog pup
Although so much glass has, shattered across the sidewalk
My mind is still intact, at least the better half
And oh my darlin' baby, well I know that we're crazy
But I cannot allow, you to walk on out
Oh, so if you want to play it rough, malicioius wit, the below the belt hits
And I don't even know what we're saying
My heart is changin'
Heart of Yours
Let’s go to sleep tonight
I don’t want to fight
Let’s go inside the house
Inside now
Let’s see that heart of yours
Let’s turn ya inside out
I found the top of a mountain long ago
I ate potato noodles and washed it down with snow
I squeezed inside myself
But then I was out somehow
Let me kiss that heart of yours
That’s how I turn inside out
Ya call it as it is
Love is madness for foolish kids
So let’s dive inside the mouth
And burn the map to find the way out
I wanna lose myself in your sun
And the shadows it makes through the clouds
I don’t want to fight
I don’t want to fight
Just stay in that heart of yours
Just stay in that heart of yours

You Were a Child Once
How they make them so young, into the fold
Were our futures set, at twenty-years-old
Oh what are we workin' towards?
And it happens at least, once a day
I know you can't be, happy this way
Livin' road to road, we climb to fall
You were a child once
Passion and ignorance
Was that the rub? prunes in the tub
And you are so jaded
With this placement
Oh who decides, not you and I
In this world
Some seem to always do, as those before
Bow down their heads to the metaphors
That their fathers learned, it's safe when it's the same
But oh there's hope to expand your mind
Not everyone has the benefit of time
So let's make this worth it, let's learn to feel right
You were a child once
Passion and ignorance
Do you still scream in the night?
And it's gonna be a long day
When you breathe this way
Oh what a curse, to taste the hurt
In this world

Gold Fever
It's a common mistake that you think that you're the one for this heartache, Butchya got me reeling on your sporting line, oh you know just how to bait a hook And I wanna plant you in the ground and watch you grow, through the turning leaves and the big black snow, bewilderbeasting at a steamtrain captain, am I boarding yes or no And babe all it really takes is one piece of gold to spark the fever in my soul, so watchya thinking, ride out west as fast as we can, you and me girl, handkerchief balloons flying from our limbs Well I never met a girl who could torture me just like the way that you seem to do, and I'm feeling like running up a mountainside and skipping down with pockets of gold This old gravy train has lost it's brakes, rolling too fast down the tracks, oh my baby, oh no jumpaduckroll, don't let go, I love you city girl Strolling into town and I don't care about all these other fools with their oogles, hey, ho, steady up slow, watch that temper, I just want to keep you safe and close It ain't no mistake that you are the one for this heartache, got me reeling to be a trapping, gunfighting man, I'll do anything for you my city girl Well you can count on me, I already feel the west in my veins, and I'm feeling like blowing up a mountainside and skipping down with pockets full of gold

Stick Around
Babe, if you ever get tired
Of being in control
Well just let me know
We could sit, relax for a while
Sippin’ shaved ice, watchin’ Monarch butterflies
I hope that this time, you’ll stick around
So let’s drink chilly tumblers in the sun
Expressionistas shriek to greet ya, when I got you on my arm
And taste the breeze and all the places it must travel
The sea, the city, the long journey back to your lil’ mountain home
I hope that this time, you’ll stick around
But you always know when it’s time to go
That look in your eye
Well a bird’s born to fly
Well I hope that next time, you’ll stick around

Polynesian Pine
Come down from the treetops
You have been hiding far too long
Mama’s put supper on the table
Hear the spoons to the metal through the kitchen door
Well you never did as you were told
Barefoot and naked was always the best way to go
You became a lover of the Polynesian Pine
She switched your palate and fashioned you a brand new pipe
So smoke up California, it’s a dead end
Yeah I woulda warned ya but we didn’t understand much back then
Believe if you got love then the world is an ole gold mine
So go get married, build her a house from Polynesian Pine
I found you drinking whiskey
Spending half your money on a glass of the sourest make
It’s been too long by my reasons
Cuz goddamn guilt I can’t speak to a man down in a hole
And oh how could I help a friend in such a state
Try to fall down from the Polynesian Pine
And my friend try to give it time

When I Was An Actor
When I was an actor it was never cool Emotions on stage in high school I didn't know who I didn't wanna be So I auditioned for the universities When I was an actor I did lots of drugs Praying in my own wacked out synagogue I played different roles every day I got good parts in every play
Never trying to find myself Always doing impressions of somebody else As I drift through this world Gotta search for my own pearl
When I was an actor perfecting my form I was dealing out of my college dorm Learning how to fuck up left and right Shaking in my bed in the dead of night Well mom and dad I am sorry That cornfed place was not for me I'll find a brand new start Just gotta learn how to drive my heart
Spitting words to folks that I wrote Feels better than any Andreyev quote Creating characters was a waste of time Cuz I didn't even know who I was inside

California On My Neck
Well who you are to me
Is it alright to say you’re everything
And what we do, when we’re apart
Don’t ask no questions
Don’t break these hearts
Eastbound & Down, I ride them rails
With California on my neck & the road as my trail
Well if I could
I’d take that train
Walk up to your step with roses
And a bottle of grain
And kiss you hard, so you know that it’s real
Then make love, til the sun comes up
Oh Chi-town, your wind is blowing my way
With California on my neck & your heart lighting the trail
Well if I could
I’d take a cruise
Someplace real dirty
Just to forget bout you
Cuz we got to each move along
You’re writing your words & I’m singing these songs
Turn it up so loud, we gotta breathe underneath
With California in my eyes, but the road still on my mind

Walls Down
In our skin of new, how can a man trust his heart like he used to
I’ve been a fool for love, but does that mean that you can beat me up, like a racket to a tired rug
Oh who can we blame, letting walls down
Oh what a shame, letting ourselves down
Well I’ve had some cold, cold nights, and your hot, hot breath don’t keep me warm no more
We used to talk by the fire til it died, now it just, just don’t seem right, waiting for an organic goodnight
Oh who can we blame, letting walls down
Oh what a shame, letting ourselves down
Oh remember the smiles we had, but we were both session singers in a church, gospel band, singing to a bright light
But oh I wanna sing with you, just like we used to do, fit right into a hum and a groove
But we’re outta tune, letting walls down
Oh how do we start, tearing walls down